The purpose of the training garden is to train families in the basics of successful organic gardening in arid and challenging conditions that exist in Manchay​, Peru and equip them to become self-sustainable in food production for themselves and to supplement income. The program teaches them how to prepare the soil and maintain it with compost and other nutrients. The course provides high quality seeds and starts plants in the greenhouse. Once transplanted into small assigned garden plots the plants are nurtured and watered using the drip irrigation method to conserve water. Insects are controlled without pesticides by using special techniques, which includes plant species proximity to each other. Finally, students are taught how to harvest their own crops for consumption or for the market.

Results based 12 month objectives are:

  • 80 students trained to grow their own organic gardens
  • 80 students graduate from garden training program
  • 80 graduates are given the opportunity to advance to starting their own organic gardens and become self-sustainable
  • 80 families benefit by developing a low cost nutritious food source
  • 80 families benefit from the values and ethics program
  • 80 graduates qualify for the Gardens for Life Home Garden program
Supported by the Alberta Government Community Initiatives International Development Program.



        Planting the Seeds

           Seedlings Ready to Plant

         Preparing the Soil
         Class Work

         Ready to Plant
         Planting the Seedlings
                 Seedlings Planted

                Tending the Garden

         Class Work

         Garden Work
         Ready for Harvest