Who We Are

The Neufeld Foundation operating as Communities for Life, is a Canadian Registered Charity co -founded by Jack & Alvina Neufeld in 2004. The Charity is accountable to an Independent Board of Directors, with head offices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Jack Neufeld is also President and CEO of WORX EnvironmentalWORX.png Products, manufacturer of environmentally-responsible cleaning products. A portion of every sale of WORX and ATTAX brand items goes to support the Foundation.






“Our mission: To be a catalyst for renewal and transformation of families and communities, living in poverty, by providing and facilitating life opportunities for disadvantaged people based on foundational principals that create self-sustainability.”


Above Manchay

Jack's Story


The present developmental focus is Manchay, Peru. This community, also known as The Valley of Death is located on the outskirts of Lima, consists of approximately 190,000 people; 40% live in poverty, 11% in extreme poverty. It never rains in Manchay. The needs are very pressing. The Governor of the region has stated there are 50,000 young people without education and without hope and with no programs to help them.

The Foundation plans developmental and operational strategies, based on four foundational principals, in collaboration with Key Advisors from both South and North America. Utilizing in country experience and knowledge to create transformation and self-sustainability is consistent with our philosophy.